Be On Top Of Your Things

As a man, you should be on top of your things. You should not hope for anything, because hope causes fear. If you don’t hope, you’ll never fear.

So, what does it mean to be on top of your things. Simply put, it means to have complete control of things around you. In the world we inhabit, we have to interact with many other self interested agents but your own strategy must be well thought and planned beforehand. You cannot control how other people are going to act in this interaction but you must be control how you are going act. Come with your best plan given the circumstance and incorporate their strategy to your strategy and your response to it. Be mindful of the things that you missed and, or overlooked during your preparation. Make a written or mental (if written is not feasible) note of these things. This will lead you to improve your performance in the next interaction.

Here, interaction is anything, and everything. It happens all the time. Talking with your co-workers, picking up girls, doing your work, your craft, your hobby, doing presentation, going for an interview, lunch with your business partner and, or many other dynamic game we play throughout our day.

However, doing this you should never come off as a ‘try-hard’. It should look natural. You must be so well versed in your plan that anyone in the interaction will sing your praises.

Law 30: Make your accomplishments seem effortless.

You must hide how you do things but just expose your successes. Let other people see and describe it. You just have to go on about ‘doing’ your thing.

Another important consideration to make in this process of being on top of your things is to stop reacting. Never react to anything outside of you, reaction is your currency and use it sparingly. However, you must take into account the attempts to elicit your reactions and use it to form a response. Response is well thought out rational strategy which optimizes your payoff. Never react but always respond. In many cases, no response is a good response, because you know your strategy is best for you and you are not hoping for stars to align for your plan to work. On the other hand, reaction is your primal fears and is not rational in many cases. You do not take a chance. However, keep in mind that this cannot be a reason for you to become comfortable, complacent and procrastinate.

Important consideration, do not think of plan and interaction here as some certain specific event where you prepare and do you best. This must be applied to every facets of your life. Cultivate habits which allows you to be on top of your things consistently. Not for one event or time, but for everything. The easiest way to do this is to have consistent habits and being extremely busy with things and interaction that give the largest payoff for your goals. You may take a break but you are never bored. Staying in a consistent habit reduces decision fatigue and allows you to focus on core important things while many other things just fall in the right place. Someone else looking at you will say, “things just happen for him.”

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