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What is SAP FSCM?

SAP FSCM stands for Financial Supply Chain Management. This is one of the important module of SAP because it is used for managing the demand and supply of cash within the company. Its main task is to maximize the profit and minimize the loss of the company. Every company wants smooth flow and wants high profit at the end of each stage of production. It is a set of tools, which helps to bring improvements in the metrics of product flow.

Modules of SAP FSCM –

1. Cash and Liquidity Management: This module helps the company to manage its liquidity and currency risk in an efficient way. It is also helps to reduce all the redundant data which leads to increase the efficiency of the planning process.

2. Electric Bills and Payement: It gives the ongoing interface with the purchasers and the merchants furthermore add self administration to see your online record subtle elements. It decreases the overhead and process duration for both its seller and clients.

3. Dispute Management System: It gives 100% transperency for account receivable or debt departments for customers invocing and bill issues.

4. Credit Management System: It provides the function for integrating external credit information scoring, categorizing new and existing customer on the basis of their credit data and converting this information into quick credit decisions.

It also allow organisation to monitor or control their customer’s credit risk in one central system.

5. Collection Management System: Due to this module, you can manage all the receivables efficiently. It also helps to increase the receivable balance in a short period of time. It can further divided into 4 stages –

· Selection of Customers

· Processing of receivables

· Prioritization of customers

· Enter promises to pay

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