Arrogance-a sod

Guten Tag!Today’s special is “Arrogance”.Let’s start by the ritual of answering the question-What is arrogance?

Arrogance is a quality of having an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities.

So arrogance can be thought of as a quality possessed by a haughty,snobbish,boastful and pompous person thinking of himself as superior to others in all aspects..

In some way or the other,Narcissism can be considered as almost analogous to Arrogance..Do you not agree?There’s a slight difference between the two-Arrogance not only portrays swell-headedness but also vainglory whereas Narcissism just portrays the latter..Nonetheless an arrogant narcissist is thick-skinned..He doesn’t care about the world but himself…

A famous quote by George Clooney,

“You never really learn much from hearing yourself speak.”

clearly indicates that arrogance should not be your guru as you end up learning nickle-and-dime stuff..

The definition of “successful” varies from person to person..According to me,a successful person is the one who is capable of helping others,be it financially or emotionally,and the one who is surrounded by the people he loves and who loves him back..Going by that definition,an arrogant person can never become successful..You know why?Because he may be the richest man on earth ,but his stolid nature will never get him the people who love him..Come on,nobody loves a self-centered person..

According to my experience,arrogant people are oversensitive,hypersensitive,temperamental and volatile in nature..They are also emotionally vulnerable…We must fathom out such individuals..Especially if they’re your friends or lover…

A wise man once said,

“He knew these last lines by heart and mouthed them now in the darkness. My reason for life. Not living, but life. That was the touch. And she was his reason for life, and why he must survive.”

is the most subtle answer to dealing with arrogance..Love can change a man..Love can move mountains..Love can conquer arrogance only if one is willing to let love win..Love is paramount

The lesson of the post is,

“Treat everyone with Love,even if it’s an arrogant person..Kill him with your kindness!” :D