The boy I never met again..

“Okay be ready ,we’ll meet at 7:00 pm today at Cafe Coffee Day.”

(chat window shutdown.)

2 months had been completed of our FB friendship.He never saw me but we were in same college. So excitement was overloaded to meet him. I wore a simple black top and jean for that day. I reached Cafe Coffee Day at 6:50 pm,he was already there.

I was so happy but he was extremely shocked….

I asked him what happened..and now this was my time to be shocked after hearing what he said“You are not the girl whom I like.”

First time I saw you with your friends in the campus and I like one of your friend not you…I know it hurt you but this is the truth…your friend wore black.I heard her wrong name from my friends and which was yours ,so I searched on FB and find your name and sent you friend request but you had no DP so this whole confusion took place. After hearing this from him, I was shattered but controlled myself with all remained power in my body and after that incident I never met that guy again….!!

PS: This was my first attempt in short stories. Productive suggestions are always welcome!