One old song , a thousand old memories !!

We all know the power of an old song to trigger vivid memories that seem to transport us back in time and space.

This evening, I was standing in my balcony and the song “Hai apna dil to awara” from 1958 came in the background . I hadn’t heard this song in years. Suddenly, I was overcome by flashbacks of people, places, and strong emotions linked to that song from many stages of my life. (Not sure why .)
I go through a lot of imaginations in my mind when i listen to songs/music. (I am not talking about particularly this song )

And then this question strikes to my mind : Why do we relate the songs to our real life even though they have nothing to do with our life ? They do not have any sequence or series related to my life ? Am I the only one who has such imagination or overthinking ? Am I a day dreamer ! A lot of chaos goes through my mind.

The deep neural connection that music creates to romance, heartbreak — and a wide range of other joyful and painful memories . — Why ??
So, what does this all mean for the relationship between music and memory?

Music remains an escape hatch from our adult brains back into the raw, unalloyed passion of our youths. The nostalgia that accompanies our favourite songs isn’t just a fleeting recollection of earlier times; it’s a neurological wormhole that gives us a glimpse into the years when our brains leapt with joy at the music that’s come to define us. Those years may have passed. But each time we hear the songs we loved, the joy they once brought surges anew.