Failing marriage saved by the Eigenvector

You wake up one morning and you have a 2x2 matrix laying by your side. Say, the matrix is Felicia. She is sweet, simple and wonderful but on the other hand, you’re a 4 and you’re ugly. To everyone’s surprise, you two are married. She loves you and you love her.

However, as days pass by Felicia starts seeing you as a 4 (like everyone else hoped for days ago). The only way to keep your marriage from falling apart now is by having a baby. And, so you do.

Your kid, a 2x1 matrix named Josh arrives to save your marriage. Seeing you with Josh, Felicia feels somewhat different now. Josh is what makes you two stand as equals.


Equating this relationship, Felicia x Josh = You X Josh

Long story short: You are the Eigenvalue, a scalar. Josh is the Eigenvector. Felicia is the matrix that needed to be transformed. Shitty story, no morals.