How much do MOOCs benefit the economy ?


MOOCs offer people a way to learn, a way to enrich their lives and eventually a way to grow.

Economies aren’t sustained by money being pumped into them, but rather by the creation and rotation of assets that provide genuine value to both the person that sold it and the person that bought it.

Nelson Mandela said that
Education is THE most powerful weapon for changing the world.

MOOCs play a very important role in building our economy as they allow people to expand their skillsets and expertise for free if not at a very low cost. MOOCs equip our citizens with the resources to learn, create and build at literally lesser than the thousandth price of what college or established institutions cost.

A person that accepts failure has a million excuse not to succeed but a person that stops at nothing but success needs nothing more than just one reason to succeed.

Majority of the population doesn’t believe in academic institutions that impart classroom knowledge due to various reasons, but MOOCs come very close to classroom session solving numerous problems such as flexibility of timings and approaching instructors for questions being some of the many problems that our students now face. I’d say MOOCs are equipping our current generation at ridiculously huge rate and is so much more scalable as well.

For any economy to grow, there has to be value generated.

Wouldn’t people with better skills be able to provide better and much more value than manual unskilled labour in our world of computing and Big Data?

  • MOOCs are helping accomplish exactly this.
  • MOOCs are equipping our society for bigger and much more worthwhile challenges that our world is yet to face.
  • MOOCs are helping educate our society to provide and build value.

Education is the Backbone of not just our country, but every single one of them is dependant mainly on education. 
By ensuring that education is made available to all MOOCs for cheap, they ensure the growth of a country, not just economically but throughout.

MOOCs are providing an option with which people can learn, grow and build our economy by generating value.

By giving a fish to a hungry person, you give him food for a day, but by teaching him how to fish, you give him food for life.

Education isn’t any different.

By providing skilled people to our society to build value, MOOCs are directly helping build and expand our economy.

We’ve certainly come a long way since Aristotle’s times to better address our situation.

To those willing to learn through MOOCs, I’ve listed a couple of links of course that you could take.

All The Best !

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