Shortcut to being your ideal Role Model

We could all take a moment to ask ourselves the following questions:

Who am I ?
Who inspires me ? or rather 
What exactly about them is it that inspires me ?
Who is “Me in 10 years” ?
What differentiates me-today and me-in-10 years ?

Answering these simple questions I’ve noticed have been intuitive in carving the person I aim to be tomorrow and you could very well do the same.

Answering who you are today, who you intend to be tomorrow and analysing that exact difference certainly goes a long way for now you consciously know what you need to change, in order to be that person tomorrow.

Today, we are amidst so much of information that we barely notice. 
We consume a ton of information through the internet without a second thought, but how much of it is actually relevant towards helping you be the person you want to be ?

Is that meme going to get me a promotion down the line or is that cute facebook video going to get me food tomorrow ?

Positive as hell that my distractions aren’t going to pay any of my bills for sure.

Humans are social animals and we often express the need to interact with people in our daily lives, but notice when our interaction moves from a casual interaction to a priority against the other things we have lined up for our future.

When you say yes to one, you directly say no to another, for there is only so much time that one gets.

It all boils down to what we need, to turn into who we need to become for what we want isn’t compelling enough for us to bring about a change.

Diamonds are indeed made under pressure.

The difference between who we intend on turning into and who we are today is precisely the part that we need to work on and we need to enforce it upon ourselves until a point that it no longer is a want but a need on your priority list. 
Only then can we ensure that we shall indeed change towards who we intend to be.

Our difference factor between who we are and who we want to be must be “priority” on our “Need” list and a much validated “need” on our “priority” list. 
By having affixed our goal within our “need” and our “priority” collection, we leave ourselves no choice but to work on what we need, eventually inculcating our differences into who we are as a being. And that is how you make a great person out of an Average person who knows who they want to be !

Now, that next successful person could be you.

We observe, analyse, deduce and then work on it provided we need a change.

> You decide on you want to be, down the line.
> Analyse the differences between them and you.
> Inoculate those differences within your daily life, every second of it with a need to be that better person !

That’s about everything there is to becoming who you want to be.

Faith can Move Mountains.
Matthew 17:20

All the very best.


Prahalad Belavadi