To be honest, I couldn’t escape the feeling that Ferriss was selling snake oil when I read the Four…
Mia Manns

When I receive anyone’s email in my inbox nowadays, it always seems as if someone is trying to sell something. Most of whatever we read in his book or rather whatever we read in most books can be found for free anyway.

It doesn’t do good to gauge over what he finds value in, rather how and why.

My key takeaway was that our time is a lot more valuable from what I previously valued it at and there are a ton of things we can outsource allocating our time to high priority only tasks.

For many, work and career really is a passion and when it is, they’d spend appropriate time on it accordingly.

I believe the approach towards the book makes a lot of difference.

Reading Four hour workweek felt like a mix of a biography mashed in with a how to guide.

Much more than the tips and hacks, the perspective of having an autonomous life was rewarding. Tips and hacks come from practise whereas perspective comes after putting in due time.

Apologies for the late reply Mia Manns

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