Why must one write ?

In a remote school, a ninth Grader had to write notes in class and after to keep on par with his classmates. He believed

One wouldn’t need to write anymore in the future, as everybody would rather type instead given an option.

He conveyed his thoughts to his English teacher that laughed at it.
She asked

Aren’t both typing and writing a form of communication ?

Today the nineteen year old me has a better sense of what she meant.

While digging around my grandparents house, I found a books, diaries and lots of papers that had my late grandfather’s writing on it. 
It was beautiful. The way he wrote. His writing was intricate developed after years of teaching at one of the foremost colleges in our country.

What stuck me wasn’t what he wrote, but the way he wrote …

I remember him teaching me Maths while he was around. Everything from the way he held the pen to penning his thoughts slowly and gracefully filled with poise and demeanor. All of this is coming from just the way he wrote.

I realized,

Writing is indeed a form of communication, more upfront, more personal and much much more delicate.

We exchanged letters while I was at a boarding school for Ninth Grade.
He started his letters with

I trust this letter finds you in good health …

Today when I read those very letters, it still talks, it still conveys his affection and way he expressed his feelings. It makes me feel that he is very much alive.
I refused to lament when he passed away. To this day, I certainly do miss him not being around, but the memories that he left me while he was alive will certainly last me a lifetime, much through his writing.

Today, I write on my laptop unlike how I did years ago, in a much sophisticated manner being able to iterate through and convey my thoughts.

Where is all that simplicity ?

Where is all that emotion ?

Where is all that thought that comes with carving our good old handwritten letters ?

Within all the advantages that technology lays before us,

Where are we when we need to express ?

Is our conversation written out on paper supreme or sublime,
to what we can convey through instant messenger ?

Are we indeed bridging our Communication Gap with technology
or are we further dividing it ?


Prahalad Belavadi