Queens Brunch Chicago

This was my first experience working as a Ux Designer.

I joined Queens Brunch in February 2018 as an intern for three months.

It may interest you to know I had to work remote. Lol!

It was fun collaborating with the CEO Shayna Atkins, Ambernecole Hart and the other interns across continents.

I was working remotely from Nigeria, Africa. The timezone was going to be a challenge but not for me. I’m a night owl. Lol!

So I could easily navigate through the time zones.


  • Week 1 — User Testing of current website
  • Week 2 — Observation/Test report.
  • Week 3 — Design Sprint.
  • Week 4 — User Experience Piloting

Week 1

User Testing of the current website for Queens Brunch was carried out via field trip using a Moderated Usability Testing Method.


I visited the Abuja Campus of the University of Port Harcourt and Jovit Fast Food to catch up with my ideal personas.

Prior to this, the user personas had been created for us. This eased the burden of that task.

A screenshot of a section of the persona document from my drive.

In testing my users, I used the Walkthrough with users user evaluation method.

I introduced the screen with the website opened to them for 5 seconds.

Next, I introduced the first set of questions (5).

This time I introduced the screen again to them and allowed them perused through for 10 mins.

I watched/observed them navigate and make decisions and errors while on the website.

After the 10mins timing I retrieved back the screen and asked the last set of questions.

The question time was more of a discussion time. I got them engaged in conversations to know the challenges and thoughts during the exercise.

Week 2

Observation Report.

This was my first time writing a user test report. I had to google up the right format to work with.

It’s interesting to note that, my Supervisor wasn’t keen as to a particular report format.

Well, I didn’t want to be that lazy Ux designer. Plus, I wanted a touch of professionalism.

Thanks to www.usability.gov

I downloaded the template provided on the website and recorded my report professionally.


This was my first attempt at wireframe. The cool thing was, we always had a guide for every new activity.

My love for google and YouTube eased the wireframe exercise for me.

I had to draw a low fidelity wireframe using a plain white paper and a black ink.

Paper Prototype

I remember having lots of papers cut into different sizes all over my workstation and my bag.

It seemed strange explaining to anyone new Ux that was a paper prototype.

What I loved about the paper prototype was, it helped me understand users need and more empathic in solving them.

Week 3 — Design Sprint

Design sprint was one event I was super excited about and constantly looked towards.

The only reason was, it was going to be my first time participating in a Design Sprint.

Fast forward to the D-day.

The design sprint was scheduled to hold in Chicago. We had 2 large rooms for the events. We had also sent out invites to user testers.

Two of my fellow interns alongside Shayna were physically present at the venue.

I and Ambernecole worked remote.

Lol….it was the best experience for me.

Design sprint started Friday and ended Saturday evening.

Friday: We prepared all the necessary tools for the user testing.

Our paper prototype was set, the big white board, markers, cameras , microphones, desktops, user test questions, wireframe.


We had all our testers come into the testing room(lol! Do I call it our lab?)

The cameras where set for the users and the microphones. We had two sets of live interviews for them.

I and Ambernecole handled the live testing of the website.

We connected with the cameras via google hangout live videos. We utilised google docs as our notepad for recording.

It was a crazy experience for many of the testers who had never experienced this before.

Week 4

User Experience Piloting

This was end of the first phase of Ux design and also end of my internship with Queens Brunch.

Basically, we had to collate our user research report from the design sprint and all other pending task.

The reports from the design sprint would be used to redesign the Queens Brunch website and other Queens Brunch products using AGILE METHODOLOGY.

I was introduced to Agile methodology here at Queens Brunch.

I’m sorry, I may not be able to share all the full details of the user research due to NDA.

I hope, this isn’t boring…lol

Give me some claps, if you loved the whole experience.

I’ll appreciate your genuine feedback. I’m always open to criticism. I love to learn more.