Chiguru : A Very September Fiver

The day started usually with my close friends making a snark comment about chiguru. They’re progressively getting better at it. Now I know who can makes memes for our social media pages, or against us (?)

Conversations with juniors

  • In the short break I met with a few 3rd Sem juniors. Lot of new interesting people indeed. While I was addressing two of the already existing members of the club, their friends joined in, on to the conversation. Some barged in, some politely added to the discussion and some just joked about it. Definitely a positive sign though !

Our discussions mostly centered on explaining the Objectives of the forum and how we started it. I tried to tell these new interesting people about what we are trying to do. How interacting with the senior students and Prof would impact them in the long run. Mostly, how they could grow as engineers. Also found a new member who was really interested to be a part of the club. There were a few others as well, might add them to the club. I invited them to a brain storming session, just to give them a taste of what’s in store. One of them mentioned and highlighted,

Food/yield storage facilities and management at affordable prices is also a big issue, having a few personal experiences as well and projects towards this is quintessential.

Honest Trailer of Our Trailer

  • The other significant chiguru related discussion was talking to my Classmates about the video. Most of them felt the teaser was too long and slow. I agree too, shouldn’t have adjusted the clips and word transitions wrt music. Probably will change it completely. Kind of good that we didn’t showcase it in rally for rivers (?) Or it just might be me looking for a silver lining. 😅

An Economical Partnership?

  • During our engineering economics class, our teacher did show how economics and management could help us plan in reducing the cost of technology and he also asked the class about helping him reduce the cost of technology like farmbots, he is legit awesome as he’s got lots of experience and he was on the committee that set the rate for metro tickets. I went and pitched in after class about how we do similar things in the club. We exchanged contacts and hopefully we can help each other out. As he is completely on board to help anything that would help farmers.
  • Hearing this a few of them approached Praveen and then to me. I pitched in about chiguru and well, got them on board. It seems really good to have them on the board for some reason, having spent some competitive time with one of them, impressive days ahead, I guess. We also discussed about bamboo being an alternate material for a few mechanisms and mention of bamboo society of India. (Ref)

A Meet that got work done, finally .

After college we met up with sir,

We discussed about documentation. About objectives,

  1. To create a inter disciplinary platform for students
  2. To identify the issues in Agricultural sector.
  3. To work on solutions regarding the same
  4. To get expert opinions and get educated more about the same and explore different perspectives.
  5. To work more towards creating projects that solve water crisis and also on various feasible projects.

We also spoke about going to hosur, the farm house were an engineer turned farmer is using Tech from Israel to maximise his yield.

Few ideas regarding water conservation on hills and boulders. Mention of indie workers who use intuition to give simpler solutions. Also a counter perspective of doing the same, compared with technology by analysis,automation and robotics.

Worked on newer video, researched about food storage facilities, added 3 new members to the Whatsapp group. Started this new blog style documentation.

Overall quite productive. Chiguru grew a bit today.

Note to self :- Need to talk about other University integration tomorrow.

Technology shouldn’t eliminate human beings but eliminate the issues they face and increase their productivity.
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