Travel…A wave of mixed emotions!!

Travel, the most fancied word in last few years.

Lot of thoughts are pouring over the social network saying how travel is important and everyone should start travelling and exploring. Benefits of travelling are showcased everywhere with some really inspiring quotes.

Is travel to new places really exciting or nerve wracking?? I would say it is a wave of mixed emotions: anxiety, excitement, fear, joy, sadness.

I am a software engineer working in an Indian MNC for the last 7 years. I got a work assignment in Switzerland last June. In this one and a half year, I traveled a lot. I visited Paris, Venice, Amsterdam, Brussels, Innsbruck, Barcelona, Rome and many places in Switzerland. All the trips were fun and I got a chance to see many beautiful places both man-made and natural. I got exposed to new people, cultures, and lifestyles and have got a whole new perspective. Memories that will remain forever in my mind.

It is hard to explain in words or capture in photograph the beauty of Alps, the turquoise water of lake Brienz, the sunset from Eiffel tower, the busiest Grand Place in Brussels, the history of Rome, largest tulip festival in Amsterdam, the fairy tale Bruges town, chilled out beaches of Barcelona, Papal blessings in Vatican city, beautifully lit Venezia, impressive Rhine Falls, masterpieces in Louvre, etc. and the list goes on.

First step is to pick a destination. It is immensely important, as it gives you a definite goal. Then it starts from searching for flight tickets, hotel/Airbnb accommodations. The next step is to sketch the major activities you want to visit and enjoy. We also have to book entry tickets for some popular spots to avoid long queues. We need to research the various modes of public transport available at the destination. The cost factor needs to be considered for all these activities.

So you’re setting sail to yet another beautiful land and have also read a lot about its beauty and the people; but what about the food. As a traveler we all like to try out the local cuisines of the places we visit. One needs to read the reviews of the restaurants in advance. And we also need to check for some Indian restaurants around if in case the local cuisine doesn’t suit.

The safety concerns for every place needs to be revisited beforehand to avoid any undesirable circumstances. Places like Barcelona, Paris are quite famous for their pickpockets and one needs to be careful. It is better to read in advance about the places to avoid and precautions to be taken. By mentioning these scenarios, I don’t want you to be paranoid or insecure…just be prepared. If you are alert, you’ll have a safe trip.

The final phase is packing. Pack light but important things. Have a look at the weather to decide which clothes to carry. Pack all the important travel documents and accommodation confirmations. Always keep the local cash with you,

It is said that it is not good to plan everything in advance and keep some surprises and go out of your schedule but nothing is worse than returning home to find that just two miles from where you were staying there was something amazing that you missed.

And now you finally travel!!

So yes travelling is not that easy and fancy as the pictures on the social network portrays. There is lot of effort, planning that goes behind making the experience worthwhile.

Happy travelling!!

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