Know thyself first

Have you ever thought what makes you happy? Ever thought what does it take to live a life with contentment and not complain about a single thing and accept life as it comes. Ask yourself what do you want desperately in life? Is it love, money, sex, drugs.. all the materialistic things that have a certain standards that makes you a part of the society or a validation of your existence in the society? What is it?

We have dissolve ourselves so much into the society that we live by the norms created by it. How much time do we spend with ourselves to realize what we are actually looking for? Has anyone ever tried asking themselves that do we need to be a part of something just because our society follows it? How much are we connected to ourselves than connecting to people on social media platform?

There are certain things that I usually go through everyday. I think I may relate to lot of people who feels the same. There are times where I feel I’m going through depression within me that no one is aware of but me. I’m still fighting the battle inside me. Most of the times there is a fear inside me whom I’m feeding all the time. I never express as openly as others do about my feelings to anyone as such. Suppression of feelings you may say. The mornings are directionless, don’t know where to go, don’t know what to do and bouts of feeling so low that I would just start crying at the drop of the hat.

I’m never open about my personal life and how life treated me at every stage. I regret that why I didn’t ever do certain things that could have changed the way things are right now. The answer was very simple. One needs a positive approach, an inspiration and motivation to keep moving on. But I never realized that I’m my own inspiration. How much I let down myself in most situations, where I can be just bold enough to say or express when I know its right and that my intuition isn’t wrong. Right most of the time! For people who think that they lack something in them, the answer always lie within yourself and not in people’s opinion about what they think about you.

It is very important spending time with yourself, knowing yourself, what makes you happy that releases positive vibes from you. Switch off your mobile phones and look around the people, instead of finding Pokemon all around, there are people wanting to talk, wanting to share their stories with you, listen to them, know them. And when doing so always remember to let go of your expectations, fitting in our society is an overrated concept which many people follow as a sign of justifying their worth in that society.

Life will never last forever, and we ask ourselves, who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Am I living my life on my terms or living it as others expect me to? One can never resolve problems or life issues if you do not first

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