Graphic Design rules are going to be Breaking ?

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If we can summarize the Graphic Design Trends 2022 in one sentence, it’s time to raise the game because the floodgates are open, bringing a mix of the unmixable, nostalgia, movement, and open-mindedness.

Now, without further ado, let’s hop right into the chaos of what the popular trends and fashions of 2021 will be and enjoy some amazing examples from agencies and freelance graphic designers that never cease to amaze us with their creativity.

Top Graphic Design Trends 2022 Overview:

1. 2D/3D Mashup

2. Fonts with a Twist

3. Glass and Crystals

4. Candy colors

5. Riso Print Style

6. Art Deco

7. Paper Cutout

8. 3D Characters

9. Holographic Design

10. Psychedelic

The 3D design trend is still ongoing, evolving, and further establishing itself. As it offers limitless possibilities to designers, it gives room for anything you can imagine. From hyper-realistic 3D visuals that blur the line between digital and physical, to highly creative mashups with 2D and paper cutout elements. In terms of the latter, 2022 will show a great partnership between 2D and 3D that gives the best of the two worlds.

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I am a Professional designer, always trying to learning something new

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Prajeesh P

Prajeesh P

I am a Professional designer, always trying to learning something new

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