This is Jack.

Jack is an independent investor/trader. He makes his money by buying stocks and commodities and then selling them to somebody else for more money.

In December, Jack saw that he could get 1,000 barrels of WTI oil delivered in May 2020 for $35/b from Dave who works at West Texas Oil Producer.

Jack thinks those barrels will be worth more money sometime between now and May so he signs a contract agreeing to take them.

Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash

Well thanks to Covid-19 and surplus oil, those barrels never got above $35. Jack has a problem because he just sits at a computer. He…

Most readers will have used a chatbot at some point, be that on an online retailer’s site, or in order to receive medical advice. In recent years companies have turned to technology like chatbots in order to reduce costs. Traditional communications and customer care departments tend to require a large staff body, and chatbots have enabled these departments to reduce costs. Naturally, customer service departments aim to provide information in a personable manner, and personality and tone in the style of response are key when dealing with requests. It enables the user to feel reassured and receive practical advice in…

Prajit Datta

Researcher, Speaker & Author | Machine Learning & Blockchain

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