OK, Please stop Molesting Women

Thoughts on the recent Bengaluru Incidents

The entire nation woke up to a horrific news rather than a hangover on the next day of New Year’s. The news was that women were ‘mass molested’ (that’s a new phrase/word, I checked)by mobs. And soon after what began was a rampant media coverage on such incidents, literally every news channel big and small, national and regional were talking about it. Then came along another incident about a woman being molested on the wee hours of the night in one of the localities of the city, which just put more oil into the burning fire.

It’s been over a week and still the same news continues, every now and then a news flash is shown about more such incidents. Even social media was abuzz with the same news and lots of celebrities also commented on the incident. Its become a national obsession off late, so much so that news channels covered very little of Dhoni resigning his captaincy of the ODI and T20 cricket teams (if nothing else of importance had happened this would have been the national obsession, don’t get me wrong).

Everyone had an opinion on this issue. Lots of comments were tossed around and debates held. In almost all such discussions women were blamed, their dressing sense was questioned and most of them blamed it on ‘western culture’. Even home minister of Karnataka Mr. G. Parmeshwar said

“In events like New Year or Christmas Day, there are women who are harassed or treated badly. We take precautionary measures. But unfortunately, on days like New Year, a large number of youngsters gather on Brigade Road, Commercial Street and MG Road. And youngsters are almost like westerners. They try to copy the west, not only in their mindset but even in their dressing. So some disturbance, some girls are harassed, these kind of things do happen.”

Yup! that’s what he said. The home minister just, with ease, blamed it on the western culture and let the whole thing go for good.

Now to all those people blaming western culture I think none of them have read or even heard of our own Mahabharata. In our own epic a woman, Draupadi gets violated in an open court, where as all the heroic kings are just sitting looking at whatever’s happening, and she had to call God for help. Now that very thing tells a lot about our society.

Our society and the government as a whole is quite apathetic. Let me tell you, this is what a Kannada news channel which was covering these issues extensively did, they got a bunch of actors to preform in public spaces, like in bus stops. Two goons were told to harass two girls (all actors, acting) in the bus stop and the people (real) standing there just stood by watching everything happening, no one came forward to help those women. These actors tried it in different parts of the city, everywhere it was the same thing, no one came forward to help those women. It was pathetic situation to watch as none of the public had the empathy to come forward and stop such acts. This shows that there is literally no much difference between now and the Mahabharata time.They both almost seem the same.

Now that all the hue and cry has died down a little and the nation has moved forward even though such incidents keep happening again and again, there is something we can do to stop rather at least lessen such incidents, just mere complaining without any action neither helps nor is useful.

So here’s what WE can do….

As a society…

We have to strengthen our laws, people should should know that such acts of violence has consequences. Grave punishments must be given. Almost everybody is afraid of doing theft or murder or any such acts because everyone knows that such acts warrant punishments but acts of harassment doesn't seem to have such fear, so our laws and police must be made stronger against harassment. Bureaucrats of all people must be empathetic and make sure that such unscrupulous acts do not go unpunished.

Education. this is where education plays a very important role, not just mere teaching of the facts but it should also include teaching of morals, children and adolescents must be thought how to behave and how to respect others. Only then a change can be brought about, if not now perhaps sometime in the future.

As an Individual…

Be a decent human being for once. start respecting everyone, learn to behave with conviction, and learn to know what is right from wrong. Treat people with equality and stop acting as if you are superior to everyone and can get away with anything. and finally if you see such acts being committed please grow a pair and try to stop it, don’t just stand there watching like a mute.

I am not sure if these suggestions or my rambling will lessen the violence or even stop it but definitely if we all try, we might help someone. let’s hope that such horrific incidents do not keep repeating.

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