Food Recipes| Moor Kuzhambu|Majjiga charu

Here goes a simple recipe that can be done in 15min, it is mostly eaten with rice and is known to cool your body during summers🎇 The entire dish needs only 1tea spoon of oil hence would do great for calorie-watchers

  1. Start by grinding a piece of coconut, green chilly🌶, jira/cumin and soaked toor dal and rice (1 tea spoon each)
Make a paste by little adding water

2. Mix this paste with half cup of thick curd. Add water as per the consistency you need.

3. Now take a pan/kadai and add a tea spoon of oil/ghee. Then following ingredients as per the order mentioned in the image below

4. Pour the mixture made in step 2 and let it boil for 5–7min, until it boils

5. Turn off after it boils!!! Time to have your Moor Kuzhambu with steaming rice



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