Hi! I am Prakash. I am working as a line cook and I am tiered of my job. I wanna do something that I love to. I always wanted to be software engineer but I thought its hard. I see lot of people who are working in IT and I asked them how hard is it working as Software engineer and there answer would be like its not too hard. I watch some of Youtube videos and I tried to do some free coding on my own pace on Codecademy and FreeCodeCamp. I am working right now so I get lazy. I felt like I have to go to school. I was doing some research about the bootcamp and I found Holberton School which is the best match for me. Holberton School provides a two-year higher-education program made up of three different parts: 9 months of intense training on software engineering fundamentals, a 6-month internship, and 9 months of remote study in a specialization of your choice.

During the first 9 months, students are expected to spend as much time as possible together at school. Most interesting thing is I don’t have to pay my tuition upfront. I think its the right place for someone who wants to be a software engineer without going to a formal school.

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