With the stable release completing its seventh month, Express.js comes from humble beginnings, and it will rise to challenge the kings of old.

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Express is a fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for Node.js. It is fast, robust and asynchronous. The initial release of the framework was at the start of the decade, and with the end of the 2010s, Express has released its first stable build.

Why use Express?

This may be oversimplifying it, but express is to node.js what bootstrap is for CSS and web design. Express is already, if not the most, but one of the most popular frameworks for NodeJS. Sometimes, it is almost synonymous with NodeJS. Here is why:

As quick as it was here, 2019 is going away. Today I will be discussing the top JavaScript frameworks to learn in 2020 to take your game to a whole another level

The programming scenario is ever-changing, and that is true for JavaScript as well. To survive in this cut-throat competition, step up your game with the big three of JavaScript mythology.


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Express is a lightweight, minimalist framework for JavaScript. Most JavaScript developers prefer Node.js purely for its speed, and what’s a better way to compliment it than by using Express? Express can create your applications without any fuss and it does not have a steep learning curve either. Even though Express is unopinionated, you can get express-generator to get the balls rolling.

A big, big plus point of using express is databases. Since it is a minimalistic framework, express doesn’t really lean towards a particular database and hence, you can install either MySQL, MongoDB, Redis or whatever you want. All you need to do is install the driver with npm install and you are good to go! …

The technology of the future is in our hands today.

A blockchain is essentially an ever-growing list of records(called blocks) that are linked using cryptography. In simple terms, it is a ledger. As the name suggests, it is a series of blocks that are grouped or rather, “chained” together.

I would like to clear a common misconception at the beginning itself. Blockchain is NOT A CRYPTOCURRENCY and it is definitely not bitcoin!!

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Let us clear it up here. Foremost, blockchain is a technology, and bitcoin has been the first to successfully implement it. It is simply, a ledger which can be programmed to record not just financial transactions, but virtually anything. What separates Blockchain from others is that it does not require a central authority for any sort of validation, making it faster than other models. …

Take a look at how the LIDAR technology helps the self-driving cars to navigate through the obstacles.

Imagine that a self-driving car winds down a narrow road. It is pitch black, windy and your typical horror movie scenario. All of a sudden, three obstacles appear on the road along with a jumpscare effect. What happens next?

To successfully navigate through those, our car first needs to detect them

Of course, without any human interference, a car would need its own “digital” eye to do the task so that its control algorithm can plot the safest course. This is made possible by a laser-based probing mechanism called LIDAR and as well as integrated photonics. In aviation, radar antennas launch “pulses” of radio or microwaves towards the plane to pinpoint their location by measuring the time it takes for the wave pulse to return. In the maritime industry, a similar technology called SONAR is used, which is based on the principle of echo. …

If you asked this 10 years ago, the answer would definitely be yes. However, times are changing, and so is the development paradigm. After Node, web development has never been the same.

Before we begin, we must first understand what is Ruby, what is Node, and what contrasts them.

Note: Some of the points were written keeping Rails in mind instead of Ruby. Thanks to the guys who pointed it out in the comments :-)

What is Ruby?

According to Ruby’s official website, Ruby is “a dynamic, open-source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity.”

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Ruby is among the most popular programming and scripting languages around the world. It is used in a wide range of fields but is best known as a language for Web Applications. For the sake of it, I will be restricting the scope of this blog to Web Development. The general-purpose nature of Ruby makes it suitable for a wide array of programming tasks, just like Perl, Python and other general-purpose languages. However, Node has been getting all the attention as of late. …

jQuery is great and by all means, use it if it makes your job writing code easier, but here’s why you might not need it as much as you think

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jQuery is not the same as JavaScript

Front end web development is a rapidly expanding, never-ending phenomenon, and with regular updates, jQuery might have been finally out. Modern browsers already have implemented a large number of BOM/DOM APIs which are the new industry standard and can be used professionally.

What is jQuery?

jQuery is a JavaScript library which makes DOM manipulation and event handling easier. It was released in early 2006, and that was the time when the DOM API was not what you would call outstanding. With the advent of jQuery, web development was revolutionized because of an easy-to-use, simple, and understandable JavaScript library.

At one point, people did think that writing JavaScript without jQuery is a really painful task, and those two terms almost became synonymous, it is no longer relevant in the modern scenario. We must accept the fact that JavaScript is a language, while jQuery is an API. With newer and newer advancements in DOM/BOM APIs, we don’t have to learn jQuery from scratch for DOM manipulation or event handling. …

Tzu-li and Tzu-ssu were boasting about the size of their latest programs. ‘Two-hundred thousand lines,’ said Tzu-li, ‘not counting comments!’ Tzu-ssu responded, ‘Pssh, mine is almost a million lines already.’ Master Yuan-Ma said, ‘My best program has five hundred lines.’ Hearing this, Tzu-li and Tzu-ssu were enlightened.

— Master Yuan-Ma, The Book of Programming

A large program is not necessarily a good program, and not just because of the time and effort, it takes to build. It also puts unnecessary load on the machine. Complexity ensues size, and bug ensues complexity. …


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