How can you tolerate someone whom you can’t?(Handling Difficult Behaviour Of Others!)

Out of the blue an email reached a friend of mine about the very dark side of a person whom he was already finding it difficult to handle.He was forced to deal with that person..(he had no choice back then, that is the best that I could describe about this now!).He was devastated.

Not only that, once this flood gate was open, more and more started getting added to that.

I spent some quality time with him doing all that is possible to restore his confidence; as I know how it feels to get that low. I don’t want anyone else to get into that situation.

Well, with his situation being such that he was not able to totally put him out of his way. So he started getting suffocated.

While we keep this question about tolerating a difficult person when his/ her dark side is also known openly for discussions and comments from your side; this incident also left me wondering about similar situations that I have also experienced.

A very dark side of a person who is also equally difficult to handle is made known to you and you are convinced about this part of the character of that person……And, at the same time you are still forced to deal with him.

How do you do that?Add to that the fact that, that aspect has also put you in pain.How do you take it?

A painful search resulted in this article…

….Start by learning to believe that you are thankful for them! #”Be thankful for those difficult people in your life, they taught you what you don’t want to be in life!”

….Consider the whole thing as a learning experience from which you will graduate eventually with flying colors. Have faith..Time heals!

#Murphy’s Law might say…Whatever you are trying to stay away from has the “power”! Of getting back to you somehow. So you are naturally forced to adjust with those necessary evils and the likes from which otherwise you would have wanted to be away.….So “try” to adjust as far as possible till the time it is required!(Though that is the most painful part!)

Life throws up some unexpected challenges many a times and we have to deal with it based on the merit of the situation.

Finally, Life is also all about also our resilience to adjust to the adversities which probably one inculcates over a period of time by going through such situations .Forget the bad, and focus on the good…So, it is important to adjust with them as far as we want and at the same time it should be our motto also “to keep a dignitary unyielding distance from such people”.

“Faith is the strength by which a shattered world will emerge into the light”

I think the best way to sum this post would be to share this quote which I found very meaningful with you all…

“Wrong things happen when you trust and worry about the wrong people.Embrace this fact.Don’t let the people who do so little for you, control so much of your feelings and emotions.Don’t make too much time for people who rarely make time for you, or who only make time for you when it’s convenient for them.Know your worth. Know the difference between what you’re getting from people and what you deserve, and stand your ground.It’s better to let them walk away from you, rather than all over you”(From the website

Disclaimer: Views expressed are my personal opinions ….(Image above from google image ).This article was earier published by me on LinkedIn

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You will find this video very interesting. “Don’t always expect everything to be great!

Thank you!

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