Message To The Class of 2017 & Qualities “they” look for in New Hires.

Let us start this discussion with a question..

What is it going to be different for the current graduating class?

Back then(Over 27 years back, the year I graduated in Engineering from NIT -C,In early 90's) options were not much.But that is not the case now, there is no dearth for opportunities and every type of talent has equally good growth potential.

You could choose from whatever matches with your aptitude and take it forward.But this also comes with a lot of challenges.

It is just not sufficient to get into something which interests you. You should have the staying power, the perseverance and the will to go for that extra mile which matters a lot.

While you all would have enjoyed an excellent campus life; once you enter the corporate world you are going to have some kind of cultural shock!

The workplace is different back then and even now from the campus you loved so much despite the fact that you will come across the phrases like “awesome culture” and “best place to work.” very often! (Important Note:Please check the link at the end for the article related to “Qualities Expected In New Hires” and the most important video link at the end Video/Career;BVPRGJ)

So what is the trick /shortcut to corporate success?

Unlike the campus life the corporate life sometimes doesn’t have proper directions or at times even could mislead you if you were not careful!

You were probably used to a style of getting guided all these years of your student life and all that is going to change as there are many in the corporate world who thinks that one should be able to work with little supervision and contribute independently. ………That is where you would find some of your friends who have been a little different coming up suddenly.

Back then in the 1990’s and even today these aspects remain the same. This is the time in your life where you have to start thinking in an innovative manner……”Out of the box thinking”!

Challenges then and now for a fresh graduate remains more or less the same; But let me add,you are all well equipped with better tools to handle it and with your natural enthusiasm and curiosity this is going to be a lot easier!

One needs to establish by dint of hard work and there aren’t any fool proof formulas for the same. There would be conflicts between your personal views and that of the beliefs, values and culture prevailing in your organizational platform.

You also need to learn to work with little complaints wherein you focus more on building a relationship and establishing the contacts. Contacts developed over a period of time through your colleagues and other professional network is worth millions. Mind you, it is a gold mine. Back then we were not so much used to this and wish someone would have told that this is going to be important! Today with the kind of facilities it becomes easy for you all to stay connected.The way we conduct business has also changed.

So what is that I would have loved to tell my younger self if I could go back on time?

It is very simple!!!! …

  • Aim high and strive to be Extraordinary……Have faith and courage…….
  • Handle every challenge that comes in your way with enthusiasm since I know now that these are things which makes one strong. “Find strength through every struggle in your life”

Take courage from the Chinese proverb that says, “A gem cannot be polished without friction,nor man perfected without trails”.

I would have loved to re-live my life in the same way because for sure I know that every difficult point of my life fortunately I took the right decision. Of course it was never an easy task many a times! But then I am glad that I also came across some wonderful people in this journey who inspired me and helped me to strive hard.They motivated me to stay away from negativity.They supported me and helped me to survive if at all I was forced to deal with negative people or difficult behaviour of “such people” put me down,Of ocourse such “factors” happen not just in your working life but in your personal life as well. Certain people/circumstances are bound to put you down at times to test your resilience, But that sure should help you in the long run to gain more wisdom and learn how to stay away

So the idea is you should be able to look back and rejoice at the choices you have exercised for you so that you are happy about it.

The world is shrinking and it is under your feet. All you need to do is to take off.

“Go Kiss the World”!

“Follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become; everything else is secondary”.

May god give you all the strength and courage to take the right decisions and cope up with the demanding situations of life and come out successfully.

Wishing you all the very best in your professional as well as personal life.

Good luck!

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