What do you think would make anyone leave the glamour of a very successful career to start something from scratch?

Many of you would have observed them.You know them as highly enthusiastic and with infectious *energy .Many a times you were probably jealous that they would take away your promotion and suddenly you hear that they are leaving the regular life of an employee only to find them turn into an entrepreneur/Self-employed … Leaving behind everything (I mean all those glamour …) probably to start building something from scratch(Also called startups!) or to take up something they are very passionate about in a humble manner to bring it up.(SMEs)

I have had opportunities to work with such people; may be that was probably the main inspiration I had when I too took the same path.Prior to taking this leap! I too worked for over several years with various organizations (for well over two decades) in various verticals and different geographical regions . I have been fortunate enough to have versatile experiences which could be gained ONLYthrough working.

Still it was like getting into the water (the depth of which couldn’t be imagined!) and so it was a leap of faith more than anything else.Social media is all about helping others to grow and it is my pleasure to share my journey with you all so that what I learned in the process will be meaningful for many reading this post.

Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did

When I started on my own over 3 years back exactly in 2012 September, to start with I narrowed down my choices to certain organizations initially.(Based on verticals close to my heart and services I am passionate about).This has been a great learning process! and the journey has been interesting.In fact even when you are on your own you need to look at several critical aspects of business very carefully! And a perfectly good business plan should be in place to take you forward.

Not only that you need to have a lot of *energy to complete the responsibilities you need to carry out without the luxury of much of a support system.You also need to motivate yourself to kickstart everyday!

With this background let us look at what matters the most in such situations when you take this jump based on faith:)

1. Start with a distinct advantage…Innovate and include some specific advantages before getting started.Research well to come out with something more meaningful so that you don’t have to struggle to sell your products/services though you still need to market it wisely.

2. Take a look at your financial position: Is your working capital in place?

While someone at one arm of the organization is fighting for the receivables you still need to service the existing demands.

Otherwise as a business entity you will cut a sorry figure and it is very difficult to remove such “wrong” impressions especially when you are small business setup.

3. Well begun is half done…

Before you start you need to make sure that you are ready to launch it from all possible angles.
A wrong move or a wrong timing would result in disaster and recovering from such a wrong move might need a herculean effort to make it alright later.

Launching should be ideally in tune with the changing external environment so that it is done in the most favorable condition possible.

4. Allow yourself to settle and adjust before branching out and endeavoring to enhance the current level…Observe and take decision.

A quick jump in enhancing operations would act as a counter productive measure unless you are well prepared for that.

What is important is establishing successfully by starting with what you can manage well.

5. Continue to innovate..

Everything has life cycle and time period of acceptability.

The questions is how we are going to adopt the new technologies and developments happening all around us in the best possible manner so that we are not left out.

Whatever would have been the USP’s for you wouldn’t last very long.Over a period of time the nature and type of the market would have changed, the requirement would have undergone some changes and even several other external forces would have changed forcing you to update and upgrade.

6. Immediate feedback..

Yes, a quick feedback from reliable and dependable sources. Those honest opinions matters a lot for to fine tune just in time before the damage if any spreads out!We might have the best of the services and quality control in place but we still may not know what are the missing elements! and often it has to come back as a feedback

Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible
7. This should never put you all down…..

The bigger players would have sufficient funds and other such resources to spread out in the manner they visualize(exceptions included!) and they might even have experts on the board also to guide them through, but that seldom is the case with small entrepreneurs and such other entities mentioned above.By the time the smaller entities are up and ready for capitalizing on the market demands they realize that they are also fighting for a slice of the cake in a fiercely competitive market probably dominated by bigger players having sufficient resources (both in terms of manpower as well as financial power to make it worse!)

And the #bestadvice: Try to take control of favorable elements while planning to defeat the uncertainties in the best possible manner. Don’t miss out on the ample opportunities available for you as a consultant/small business owner/Independent professional or #freelancer #self employed. Good luck.

If you have enjoyed reading this for the benefit of all let us have your views in the comments section..

What do you think would make anyone leave the glamour of a very successful career to start something from scratch?

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