Nearbuy & Teamlease New Year Resolution

Its been 1 year & 2 months since I am chasing both the companies to rectify their excel error mistake.

When I joined nearbuy in July 2015, I never thought I would be put in such a predicament that I would have to stay unemployed if I ever resigned nearbuy. Nearbuy hires & put people on payroll of Teamlease, being a fresher & a low level job I had to accept the offer.

During my days in nearbuy, I found out that my Provident fund details were wrongly updated. Upon enquiring I was told to co-ordinate with Teamlease as I was technically their employee which started the up hill battle to get my details corrected.

My first mail was sent on August by my trusty manager, for which Teamlease replied rectified. Little did I know that I would be in rude shock in the Month of December, when I received my EPFO credentials.

Its December & as usual I was given the “technical employee” answer. In my first E-mail I had written that my Date of Birth was wrongly updated with PF portal, they took their sweet amount of time to understand my issue & wrote back saying it is rectified & it will reflect within in some time.

Again in January end the same vicious cycle started, with me writing & calling to explain the issue. They replying that it is rectified & it will reflect within in some time.

The vicious cycle continued till September 2016, with me losing my patience & taking to social media. I had already resigned in April with my manager claiming that Teamlease is sole responsibility to corrections. Again the “technical employee” answer was given. Coming to September both the companies downplayed the situation & promised everything would be rectified. As per instruction I submitted my ID proofs with Joint letter to EPFO office, later Teamlease got back with a acknowledgment copy. Little did I know that both would had already vowed to make me suffer even more. Looking back I should have understood that both never had the intention to rectify their mistake.

We are coming to an end of February & being naive I again reached out directly to their CEO, he replied that he will ask his team to look into it. Sadly they want even more documents, which I refused. Finally I gave up being adamant & re submitted the documents. I also took down all my tweets & posts on social media networks thinking it would be the right thing to do. The moment my posts & tweets were removed both companies have forgotten what my issue was. The final nail in the coffin was Teamlease stating that they have not received any documents & its my responsibility to co-ordinate with EPFO officials. I would recommend freshers to avoid companies like this, as they love revenge & know how to make a employee slave.

Its been 3 days since I took down all my social media posts & no one is bothered to even write back the update on my issue. Its been 1 year 2 months & still a simple rectification of my Date of Birth can’t be completed. My entire mail box is filled with all the conversations with no resolution in sight.

Teamlease is a listed company & nearbuy is a subsidiary of foreign company who is listed. What happened to all the Corporate Governance policies & other policies every company follows. Is this how a employee can be treated just because he was hired as contract employee. Is this what nearbuy Do Epic Shit motto reflect. What kind of happiness does the company get by making me unemployable. Just because I followed all the procedure & hireachy before escalated it in social media, Am I at fault here.

Only time can tell whether my issue can ever be solved. In future I may start receiving threatening calls to shut up, who knows I mean whats stopping them.

For a company that has given in writing, they are just waiting for statue of limitations to be over, so that their ultimate new year resolution “to keep me unemployed” is achieved.

Grow up & start taking responsibility both of you. Revenge is a vicious thing, Karma will hit back. Solve it not avenge it.