Monomousumi launches monthly International Essay Competition

Prakash Sharma
Aug 16, 2018 · 2 min read

Monomousumi has announced the monthly “International Essay Competition”, which aims to find the best creative writer from all over the world in different categories. The winner can win exciting prizes, scroll of honour and trophy. Apart, all the participants will be awarded the participation certificate and gift vouchers sponsored by various corporate houses.

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For a full list of eligibility criteria, guideline and older contest winners, please visit,

People from all over the world are invited and encouraged to participate. The participants can submit their essay either in English or Bengali. There are two main categories with respect to age — School level and University level. Any writer, who is not student can also participate and will be assigned as a University level participant.

In the last editions of the contest, the participation was extremely encouraging and numerous creative writers were identified and due accolades were provided. Competition is getting the due attention, thanks to the local NGOs related to education, volunteers from various schools and corporate houses. organizes various creative writing competions every month for promoting young writers.

The deadline for entry is 25th of every month and there is no registration fee. The winning and shortlisted essays will be posted on the website with the author’s Bio and photograph. The result is declared through the website in the first week of every month. The topics for every moths are announced through the website.

The winner of the International Essay Competition for the month of July was Anika Singh from Ahlcon International School, Delhi and Dibyo Sunder Roy from Netaji Subhash Engineering College, Kolkata in the school and university level, respectively.

The Jury members are formed from the league of highly educated and well settled personality and the judgement is purely non biased with respect to gender or any other criteria.

According to the organizer, the International Essay Writing Campaign was selected as the contest to give the opportunity to young creative writers to get their due respect through an established platform.

Full information can be found on the website:

Contact info: Mousumi Kundu Paul,

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