Postcard from Gujrat

Travel Diaries !!

A land of street foods which is most of the time you would find sweet, honest people, dance, kite flying, Gandhiji, crafts, Gujrati language and temples.

The most important thing you cannot afford to miss is Sabarmati ashram. The home of father of the nation.

Sabarmati Ashram
Windows to world
Gandhiji’s room
Backyard of Ashram
Prayers which have inspired the nation
Eyes which have seen the struggle for independence
Mrs. Gandhi

Its a fascinating place where you will get a feel of 1940's. The calmness, serendipity and the campus is great situated on the banks of Sabarmati river.

It is rightly said “Kutch nhi dekha toh kuch nhi dekha”. Everything there feels like the movies so you have to bleed to know you are alive.

The White Desert of Kutch till horizon
Huts for stay
Craftsmen with their traditional work
Work of miniature glasses
Kutch is now more than a tourist destination
At full moon, when desert shines

From camel’s hump to ocean’s dusk, everything is surreal. this is the awesome Mandvi. And the real taste of corn comes here. Must try!

Camel ride
Beach side snack roasted corn
Number of temples in the city

One place which is underdog of gujrat is Koteshwar. It is mostly famous for Narayan Sarovar Dham which is one of the 4 dhams in India. It has got 300 years old temple and similar age of Peepal tree in its compound. But since 4 years, no rain has been recorded in this place.

300 years old
Established long ago
300 years old Peepal tree
Narayan sarovar
The Koteshwar
BSF water wing, 35 kms from Pakistan
Ocean’s Driveway
Throw your nets in the Arabian sea

When you will enter Ahemdabad, the first thing you will notice is that Gujarati people are obsessed with their mother tongue Gujrati. I saw Mcdonalds, Dominos, Baskin Robins and basic amenities like Toilets for gents and ladies were also written in Gujrati.

He was the first to welcome
National Handloom

At this place you could find all the authentic and cheap traditional crafts of Gujrat.

Bell of Heaven
God’s home

Believe me, In Ahemdabad after every four homes you could find a temple. That is much larger value when you truly experience it.

Sabarmati River front

For all those who wondered, where Lagaan movie got its story. That cricket match truly happened in Bhuj. The movie is also shot in king’s palace i.e. Prag mahal where you could find the original images of our Indian cricket players and Britishers.

Prag Mahal
Inherit Royalty
The Big Ben of India
The Royal Selfie

I hope you loved my travel diaries. It must have moved you a little to get out of your couch and explore the incredible India. All the photographs have been clicked by mobile Moto X.

Up till then Bye!! Thankyou.. #India 2015

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