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Sunta hai guru gyani
Gagan me awaaz ho rahi hai jheeni jheeni
Sunta hai guru gyani

So says the voice and words of the Guru. The divine sound originates in the sky.

Paahi liyaye
Naad bindu se peechhe jamaya paani ho ji
Sab ghat puran guru rahya hai
Alakh purush nirvaani ho ji
Sunta hai guru gyani

The soul originated from “nada bindu”. “Nada”, the sound and “Bindu”, the seed. The “Bindu” represents the male while “Nada”, the female energy. So says the voice of the Guru.

Vahaa se aaya pata likhaya
Trushna toone bujhai
Amrut chhod chhod vishay ko dhaave
Khol de phaans phansaani ho ji
Suntha hai guru…

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In the past half a decade, many countries have seen protests that changed the fate of the ruling parties. We saw people standing up to hostile governments. We saw women standing up for their rights. We saw religious enthusiasts and liberals voicing their opinions alike. But, something that was missed by the mainstream media (at least in India) was the rise of crypto currencies across the globe, particularly the Bitcoin. Creating a new currency, in my opinion, does the highest order of protest anyone can initiate to challenge existing rulers and governments.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows transfer of money between anonymous users. It was invented under a Japenese pseudo-name Satoshi Nakamoto. We don’t know if this is an individual or a group of people, but the concept is most definitely interesting. …


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