My hate for FIFA supercedes my love for FOOTBALL

Brazil has won 5 world cups, more than any other nation in the history of soccer. As they aim to make this their 6th on their home ground- they don’t really have the home team advantage! People in Brazil (football supporters and non-supporters alike) are finding it hard to make both ends meet while the government continues to ignore them.

All the money used on the World Cup could be spent to tackle the following problems:

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1)In Brasilia, more than 80 percent of public schools have inadequate facilities, lacking chairs, books and water-tight roofs, according to the Tribunal de Contas do Distrito Federal, a watchdog.

2) The roads are really bad in Brazil. In March, a record 212 ships waited to load soybeans at Brazil’s ports with holdups as long as 54 days because trucks broke down every day, and spilled part of their cargo navigating the state’s pothole-riddled roads on the way to port.

3) Around 80–90 percent of favelas are on government land. They basically homesteaded that land, but they didn’t get their titles. They have been on that land for centuries but the government hasn’t given them entitlement- so the government reserves the right to evict them whenever it wants. They will be left homeless.

4) Some estimates put the number of people removed from their homes because of the World Cup at around 250,000. Virtually all of them are desperately poor.

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5) The Brazilian government claims that the world cup will bring a huge boost in the Economy. But, the past may not be evidence to that. During the 2013 Confederations Cup, the Brazilian government spent 10s of millions of Reais but transit fares continued to increase and funding for schools and hospitals remain stagnated. The Social Costs continue to rise in Brazil.

However, the Government has decided to:

1) Spend $14 billion on the world cup. This is the sum total spent on the previous 3 world cups making it the most expensive world cup.

2) The Corinthians Arena in Sao Paulo, will cost 820 million reais. That makes it the most expensive per seat — 17,100 reais.

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3) Due to Social unrests, $85 billion will be spent only on Security to control the protestors and keep the tourists safe.

4) 1,70,000 new police men and security private contractors will be hired to make it a safe world cup. The costs involved have skyrocketed since the first protests in March since the private security has become a necessity as the state can’t handle the protestors on its own.

5) $11 billion have been earmarked for the Olympics in 2016. And with the stringent regulations on the Olympics, domestic revenues will not be able to surpass the expenditure.

A 2011 law can allow contractors to amend proposals after winning a bid. As a result, the cost of the Brasilia stadium increased by a whooping 30% to 1.3 billion Reais. Its an invitation to corruption.

While a lot of us just don’t want the world cup to be over, many are hoping it never happened in the first place.

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