My Problem With Science
Jackson Nexhip

As soon as I read the second paragraph, I know that I must read it all. And then thinking “you have the same problem as me”.

As Engineering Science student, I understand you. The 'door' that really hooked me into science is when I read about quarks. I was so excite when I read thing about space and time.

But now, I realized that there is something wrong with me. I kept that thought while I read book after book. I discover other thing that satisfy me, things like existentialism, subjective reality, anarchism and many more.

Just like what you said, science is a powerful tool. But, at the same time, it’s 'kill' individual thought. And it is killing me.

So, why do I keep study science?

I study science because I want to liberate myself. Science is a tool to rule this world. I don’t want people to control me. I don’t want to control others too. The best thing for me right now is 'read' the environment while trying to figure out the solution.

Anyway, great article!

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