When there ‘s no happiness and joy on this day of Deepavali so called festival of lights..

I had a normal festive routine today after which I started reading various articles across websites and came across similar never ending issue..

The gender of violence !

It isn’t a surprise that we are still living in a society where inequality prevails and is evident. In the recent days I met a friend from one of those prestigious law schools in the country telling me that the older males of the university are into sexual harassment and the girls who aren’t brave enough to protect themselves end up being harassed!

One of those biggest universities in the country The BHU (Banaras Hindu University) faces the same problem again and again where teachers themselves asked the girls to be careful as boys have no honor and they should shoulder the burden.

Women are forced to accept the fact that this is going to be continued no matter what until and unless there is change in the mindsets and nothing can be controlled what can be done is to be brave and strong which will allow them to protect themselves during such worse situations.

The magnitude of sexual assault is increasing day by day out of which 63% of the cases go unreported.

Sexual assault is horrendous!

This one such thing where all of us are aware of but there’s also the working women who are put into tremendous amount of stress where they will have to manage both work and home .

I would want to reflect upon on two situations here :

  1. Women who are happy and think that to manage both work and home by working all day tirelessly without a minute for themselves in a day and naming that it’s there duty to do so and men aren’t meant to help them around.
  2. There are women who aren’t happy and healthy expecting that little helping hands from the men of the house but at the same time not expressing their concerns about the same.

They are virtually doing two jobs full time. The burden of expectations to be a “Good Indian Woman“ to behave in a certain manner is too heavy.

We should all realise that each one us have individuality, dreams and aspirations to take it forward and all of us are capable of doing it only when such concerns are voiced out and solutions are sought within our circles.

The women of our society should get stronger and she has to be encouraged for self care, to take time out for herself and make her dreams reality.

Nobody has super powers. There are no Supermoms!

On the other hand men should take responsibility by embodying their behavior that recognizes the dignity of people regardless of their gender and by intervening whenever someone is making unwarranted advances.

At the end of it I realise there is still a long way to go..

On this day of festival let’s all ignite the light of love and respect for each other in our hearts to make our living environment better and better!

Wishing everyone a happy and a prosperous deepavali 😀 ✨

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