Why choose Ayurveda for achievable New Year health resolutions?

It is no news that on 1st January gyms as well as health and fitness clubs witness maximum number of subscriptions. Through New Year health resolutions everyone wants to get fit, stay healthy, lose weight, clearer complexion and so on. However, the scenario changes completely within next two weeks. Till 15th or 20th of the same month, priorities change to getting more sleep, resting a little, rushing to the office earlier etc. The reason for this shift in preferences can be controlled with simple, small steps like these mentioned below.

Fitness tips-
Getting fit does not necessarily mean pulling weights or including supplements in diet. They can be good in a way as long as one adheres to them regularly. Heavy work outs for short time affect adversely resulting in muscle fatigue, muscle damage, pre and post workout cramps etc. Instead of them, easy but steady exercises result much better. Start out with surya namaskar, yoga, brisk walking or outdoor jogging for long term health resolutions.

Weight loss tips-
Increased weight is an early alarm for multiple health problems like heart diseases, infertility, depression, diabetes and so on. To avoid them include ayurvedic #WeightLossTips in daily lives. Plan meals. Eat something every 2–3 hours. Have dinner in between 8:00pm to 8:30pm. Include fresh fruit juices and coconut water in diet. Maintaining a food diary helps a lot. External applications for obesity like Epica oil by Prakruti JiyoFresh contributes in an excellent way.

Tips for clear complexion-
Healthy food intake and good health reflects through radiant skin. Eating fresh food only surely gives healthy skin. Skin cleansing is essential. Gentle exfoliation adds to complexion essentials. Drink plenty of water. It flushes out harmful body contaminations giving a flawless complexion.

Diet tips for health-
Gone are the days when healthy food wasn’t fun. India is blessed with a treasure of seasonal foods all year long. Additionally, ayurveda shares several “Ruchkar tarihi patthyakar” recipes (healthy yet tasty food ideas).

Stay healthy-
Everyday stress, alarming pollution levels, daily wear and tear etc. leave an undesirable effect on oneself. Eliminating the ill effects on time can save a lot of time and energy. Ayurvedic treatments and panchakarma are two power packed ways to eternally good health. #NewYearhealthresolutions are perfect ways to plan long term wellness.

Getting panchakarma treatments atleast once every year is a perfect way to stay away from grave, chronic health problems. This is why Prakruti health resort serves every guest with a set of essential, personalized therapies. One can avail panchakarma and ayurvedic spa for eternal wellness. Pledge yourself the gift of good health through a New Year health resolution. Call 9850994473 or contact live support for bookings.

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