Women’s health- a Women’s Day special initiative

Today’s women are headstrong, caring and visionaries. They wake up early, cook for family, pack tiffins, make their own to-do lists, manage work commitments, travel back home on time, cook-clean-care before calling it a day. She is not just an equal but actually works harder than others. She is considered a symbol of patience, care and energy because everyone relies on at least one lady for almost every task.

They are the reason one manages correspondence, health and work so easily. But do we take a pause and think about the women in our lives? What about the additional stress they have to go through? Would they like to gain better control of their lives? 
 If you think it’s time you give them something back for all the love and support Prakruti ayurvedic health resort provides top 5 options to gift your woman special well-being for Women’s Day 2016.

Relaxation therapies- Relaxation therapies and spa day outs are not a luxury but an essential for today’s women. Untreated stress leads to skin problems, premature aging signs like wrinkles and dark spots etc. More delayed treatment results in significant risk for chronic health problems and heart attacks. So, today gifting such peaceful time outs are of utmost importance.

Women’s health treatments- Increasing levels of stress, pollution, workloads and added responsibilities cause damage to women. Neglecting such damages cause hormonal imbalances, PCOD issues, irregular menstrual cycles, clinical depression and even infertility in women. It is very important to start women’s health treatments on time. Ayurveda cures such problems naturally without the harmful effects of hormonal drugs. So, presenting your loved ones the gift of good health is actually a good idea this #Woman’sday.

Detox cycle- Daily wear and tear causes irreversible damages to one’s systems. External forces like stress, extreme work conditions, climatic changes etc. release harmful chemicals in body systems that are commonly known as toxic elements. Especially ladies go through a lot of internal changes because of harmful chemicals. Treating these toxic substances naturally before it’s too late actually is beneficial in the long term. Ayurveda suggests getting panchakarma treatments done at least once every year for a healthy detox cycle.

Professional assistance- Staying productive is not only good for a lady’s professionally but it also helps a lot on personal levels. Working brings better clarity and focus in life, satisfaction about oneself and also reduces unimportant things from her life. This is why Prakruti ayurvedic health resort this year is providing a never seen before opportunities for women. In simple steps, women can start their own business and ayurvedic clinical practice. This is an excellent way to gift your lady her own business with flexible work timings.

Gruha kankshini meetups- Nicest ways to help women socialize and unite for a common goal- health. This is not only is about her physical health. Gruha kankshini meet educate women about family health, balancing work as well as family life, ways to prevent serious health problems, healthy recipe tricks and so on. This way she can empower herself for better womanhood and improve her family’s health at the same time.

These are the top 5 Women’s Day gift ideas by Prakruti ayurvedic health resort. For details do not forget to connect on the website’s live chat or simply call 9850994473.

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