Ultra Luxurious Houses That Are owned By Big Pocket Celebrities in India

India is rapidly as well as continually growing country with rising economy as well as Big Pocket celebrities who are not just investing in their business for generating more and more revenue but are fully dipped into a luxurious lifestyle. They are investing a huge amount of their earnings in luxury. Here is the list of some big pocket guys owning dream mansions in one or the other urban cities of the country. This is how the house of your favorite celebrity or a popular Industrialist looks like:

House Name: Antilia

It is the most expensive home not just in India but in the world. The Owner of this ultra-luxurious dream house is no other than the filthy rich Mukesh Ambani. Antilia is spread over an area of 4 lacs Sq Ft. having 27 floors. The building contains amenities which only a few people can dream of. 6 floors in the building is just reserved for parking and 3 for the helipad. If a building has a separate 3 — helipad, then you can imagine the type of world-class amenities it stores.

Owner: Mukesh Ambani

City: Mumbai

House Name: Abode

Anil Ambani, following his brother’s footsteps hold 2nd position when it comes to the luxurious houses in India. Currently under construction, he has named his sweet home as Adobe worth Rs 5000 Crore, subject to rise based on needs and amenities he wants to fix in his Adobe.

Owner: Anil Ambani

City: Mumbai

House Name: Mannat

The second richest actor in the world and the King of Bollywood “ Mr Khan” owns one of the most expensive houses in India having an approximate worth of Rs 125 to 150 Crores. All his fans gather in Bandra, Mumbai, outside his residence with a hope to wave him “Hi !!”

Owner: Shahrukh Khan

City: Mumbai

House Name: Ratan Tata’s Bungalow

Ratan Tata is the name almost everyone is familiar with. A Very well known and reputed industrialist owns a home worth Rs 125 to 150 Cr comprising the area of 15000 Sq Ft. with 3 storey building and an infinity pool at the top for a view that is breathtaking, something which a common people like us can’t even dare to imagine in our house.

Owner: Ratan Tata

City: Mumbai

House Name: Naveen Jindal Mansion

Industrialist turned politician, Naveen Jindal is another filthy rich guy who owns an ultra- luxurious high-cost bungalow in Leafy Lutyens, Delhi. His property is also valued to be Rs 125 to 150 Cr.

Owner : Naveen Jindal

City : Mumbai

House Name: Poonawalla Bungalow

Cyrus S. Poonawalla is an Indian Businessman, the chairman of Poonawalla Group, Pune-based billionaire’s who owns an ultra- luxurious bungalow which comprises of heavy rocks, artificially place to create a natural waterfall effect. Apart from that Poonawala Bungalow provides various recreational facilities for shooting, parties.

Owner : Cyrus Poonawalla

City : Pune

Suggestions for any other such filthy rich celebs who own great houses, are most welcome !