The Man Googlesis

In the course of history, Progress has miraculously transformed the forms of colonization: military–economic–digital–Internet. It turns out like not bad, fewer victims, no special need to burn the villages and violate the culture of the conquered peoples. Access to the most gigantic source of information in the history of humanity changes both history and humanity. And it’s not about the quality of information that generates opinions about whether it’s good — the Internet or bad, it’s about freedom of access. Mankind has lost military freedom, losing some of the rights to the state, lost economic freedom, creating corporations, fashion and marketing. The freedom to receive and transmit information has a chance to be preserved. In Internet colonization, the predominant principle is assimilation. You are always open to this or that effect, this is the colonization of information, not bullets or glass beads. And most importantly, your actions can be quite unlimited. The Internet is the most actual face of Humankind at the moment, the global digest of Civilization. 
Free will! Free Willy! Free wi–fi!