For instance, global warming is a fact. Politics is a means to negotiate differences between interests of different stakeholders in the pursuit reducing global warming. These negotiations start from the understanding and acceptability of the fact of global warming.
Disagree. You are conflating definitions.

Thanks K. This is what I think. As you pointed out, if an issue is accepted as a fact, the politics then shifts to negotiating what needs to be done for ameliorating that issue. So, the core political issue itself changes. It is no longer the issue itself which is being debated. Instead it’s the amelioration strategy which becomes a political issue.

However, until the issue gets accepted as a fact, there will always be politics on it. And denial of a truth is not new and definitely not unique to the US elections — it is not propaganda even. Transitioning from this politics of a fact to the politics of its amelioration is a quintessential part of politics.

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