DevOps: CI/CD explanation

What is CI/CD?

What is Continuous Integration?

What is build stage?

Step 1: Compilation of your code

Step 2: Analyzing Your Code

Step 3: Preparing your Application for Release

The role of a QA team when testing is automated.

Requirement of the Continuous Integration?

Continuous Delivery

Continuous deployment

Prerequisites for doing Continuous Integration

A typical development workflow

Benefits of continuous integration

Improved developer productivity

Deliver working software more often

Continuous integration is a way for your team to automatically build and test every single change in the source code. This is the foundation that enables your broader software delivery process to be efficient, resilient, fast, and secure.

Find bugs earlier, fix them faster

Example CI/CD workflows with the GitHub tools

Benefits of CI/CD

When is CI/CD not feasible?



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