Much has already been written about Personal Maps and its effectiveness. So, when I wanted to share my experience, I was wondering what would be worth sharing. That is when I recalled my experiences with Personal Maps, and something that immediately struck my mind was the versatility of the exercise. But before we dive deep into my experience, let us briefly explore Personal Maps.

A Personal Map is a mind map technique that provides context (in terms of home, family, education, goals, values, etc.) to people, and helps to interact and get to know each other better.

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Image of a Personal Map by Jurgen Appelo

Moving on to my experience with Personal Maps, I have had the chance to use this exercise in various settings, and in every situation, this has been a big hit. You may have read about the application of this exercise with teams. However, not much different but I would like to share the different scenarios in which I used this tool effectively. …


Pramesh Vaidya

An agile enthusiast and aspiring coach who loves to work with teams and firms. A lifelong learner, speaker, agile trainer and an avid foodie

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