Why Do You Even Exist , What’s your “PURPOSE” ?

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When any organisation/startup comes into existence & decides to embark on this mystical journey with some immensely talented individuals , the most important questions which everyone in the organisation should care & discuss about is , Why we all as a combined entity exist , what’s the purpose of our existence as an organisation and as an individual for that matter, what’s that urging us everyday to gather at common place and perform our duties without failing , is it the money ? or is it the well being of your near and dear ones or is it the happiness we extract from whatever work we do, is that learning new things excites you , is it helping others ? We need to enquire repeatedly , it may be hard to find answer as we have not been groomed like that to even think about why we even exist with this powerful intellectual brain , but questioning is the only way out .

Find your purpose and you will never ever have any problems , you will only have solution.

Why purpose is important ?

For Individual :-

Having a purpose of your own guides you in right direction , pushes you out of your comfort zone , it help you fight procrastination , it gives you a powerful tool to improve yourself everyday , it urges you to learn from every dimension of your life , it inspires you to act fearlessly and take risk ,it gives you the required strength to stand up in every moments of your failures. It increases your appetite to achieve more , to be more precise it helps you to be you.

For Organisation | Startups | Company | Business :

If you are a Business in making you can’t sustain without understanding the purpose of being into service of others. Its should be more about how your product & services being rendered is changing your customer/user life meaningfully . If it’s not about them, mind it, you may thrive somehow but you may never grow . If as a company you are more concerned about your Bottom Line or Topline , you are more driven by short-term purpose , but to be in the business for long-term you need to define what you really stand for ?. As an entity you are not only in the business of making profits, your purpose should be , how you utilise your resources to create an impact in the life of the people associated in your organisation , so that the entire team feels well equipped to build a product adding values to their customers life.

In a nutshell -

An organisation purpose has to be coined around value based system which cares for masses.
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How To find It ? -

Well there is a spiritual dimension which has the solution for you , but it not comes easy to everyone. But If you really care about finding your purpose , you should first accept that the world is not perfect and neither the people or any living being for that matter. So in this not so perfect setup we need to find what’s our role play as an individual , we need to understand that there is a inner craving inside every individual which pushes him or her to act , sadly most of this are related to money and we can’t help it , as world around us is built like that and we have to accept it that Money is Important . Only question which here needs to be asked is to what extent & if we can answer this puzzle we will certainly be able to find our purpose and live our life accordingly. It’s a fact that if your survival is at stake you can’t talk like a visionary, you can’t live through your life by only being inspired. So our foremost purpose is to ensure us and our loved ones are well served. And as an intellectual human being it should not be an issue unless you are lazy guy who just want to crawl like a warm on this earth , waiting to get all by giving nothing. Once your survival is taken care off, you can explore the infinite dimensions of being intellectual human being, you can explore what’s that keeps you going tirelessly , what’s the best asset you have to give to the society , it should be more about how to be at the service of others. If you can find your true meaning/purpose of existence you will live well and help others live well too.

If you are into Business you need to define your purpose which leads you to achieve your vision

Conclusion :

You are blessed to be human , don’t waste the life full of infinite possibilities seeking answers for your problems in external world , find your purpose it’s right inside you.
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