It’s about LIFE. It’s about — My Life. Our Life.

We are becoming busy in our day-to-day life. Nowadays, we are not just thinking about getting solution over some mobile app, we are using it. I use social media to get motivation towards my purpose. To find the solution for every queries. From school days, I was a techie among my friends. We are those who joined Facebook and Twitter at early stage, who understood the potential of 140 characters and need of a network. I am talking our childhood. We used internet for learning purpose, to communicate, to share our life, to showcase our work, and to expand our business. Guess what! This was all about data getting stored into a server. We, IT people, used technology to bring our idea into a reality.

Neither stack overflows, Nor Google.

Give me a chance to introduce myself. An engineer by profession. A data science enthusiast by choice. And My purpose is to make our life a little beautiful.

I know that you are tried of setting alarm everyday, booking a cab for office or maybe booking a movie ticket for upcoming holiday. Why don’t you tell your chat bot to do it for you ? Why don’t you get your own personal assistance.

I am not only a big fan of Steve Jobs but also a proud owner of Apple’s product. We are revolving technologies. We are few intelligent people who think that …
Together, we can solve every problems using technologies. Even the upcoming environmental problems on our earth can be solved.

I am an environmental lover. I learnt a lot from the books. Not more than what environment taught me. I have seen lot of natural calamities. I faced the problems which you are facing now or which you may face in future. Shortage of Clean water! Shortage of Clean Environment! I can go all night. It’s time to stop our bad habits. It’s time to save our environment. I have overcame every challenges which god threw on my life path. Every suffering was a lesson to do more and to solve every problem. I chose Data Science to make sure that I, along with you, we, can solve every problem related to earth and we will leave Planet Earth by making it more beautiful place than ever for our children to live upon.