Why the Olympic and World Records are not here to stay

Records mean everything to any ‘sportsperson’ , well it might not be the only thing that they fight for as a person , but apart from the pleasure and pride of representing one’s country or ethnicity and winning it for the whole that they feel they belong to, records may be considered as more tangible sources of inspiration and pride. While ‘winning’ is for the person they are, ‘records’ certainly stand for the sportsperson they were or still are.

A glance through the above list should make clear of the fact that so many of those records have been set only in the past decade! The reason ?While some may ascribe to rule changes , most of them attribute it to the fact that equipment standards have improved drastically, let it be the spikes a runner wears or the swimsuits worn by swimmers, every such thing has added to the reason.

Now, as the meaning of records and what they stand for can be fathomed upon, one thing is for certain, most of the records on the list are ready to be replaced and the new ones’s too are perhaps going to be ephemeral. And what makes me say it with such certainty?The intrusion of modern digital technologies!yes, It is certainly a big time game changer in the field of sports. The benefits run the gamut from better physical and mental training and discipline to extending their purple patch in the most methodical and unimaginable ways possible. Athletes are being monitored endlessly ,sometimes wired or just wireless. In the meantime , the role of a coach is changing dramatically , training sessions are being devised much more personally thanks to technology. The rate of performance growths are not going to be subtle in the coming years, and some records are going to be broken beyond expectations.

A host of new sports technology companies have seen their sunrise in the recent years passed by. All of the sports goods manufacturers are as well increasingly funding such technological innovations which majorly include ‘biometrics’. Its not just these companies, this Olympics saw the rise of Great Britain to a ‘sporting superpower’ as suggested by the UK’s sports executive and the report that Great Britain has spent up to 5.5 million euros per medal and that the same Great Britain is currently the hub for sports-tech start-ups should suggest something.

Sports is going to get much more involved than ever. So, as technology improves so does the chances for a growth in performance rate! The number of sportspersons linked to sport tech companies are increasing exponentially these days and these companies are going to move forward from serving just niche markets, they are going to get bigger and as technology pervades the world of sports , we would reach a point where all of us would witness an Olympics where humans and technology will perfectly complement each other on the field in the most subliminal manners. Fast forward a decade or so, on the outside the Olympics will still be considered as a battlefield for human perfection , but by then the battles will not be purely of the human dynamics, but indeed influenced beyond expectations by the dynamics of technology. And as for the records, just wait and watch!