The Importance of choosing the Right Travel Technology partner

Technology partnerships may have changed in recent years, but they remain as important as ever. Previously, the partner model was centred on resale, margins and collecting upfront revenue, but as the technology sector has transitioned to a more service-based industry, the partner channel has followed suit. Nowadays It is not enough for Technology partners to offer good technology, they must also provide responsiveness, flexibility and strategic enablement. Of course, the potential benefits of a modern travel technology partnership depend largely on who you choose to partner with, which is why this decision is proving so important for businesses across all Travel companies.

On the simplest level, partnerships allow resources to be shared between both parties, including consultancy, education and expertise, as well as more tangible resources like technology, capital and marketing materials. Effective Travel technology partnerships have enabled Travel companies to generate new revenue streams, leverage powerful IT solutions and brand influence and gain access to professional business tools that may have otherwise been out of reach. On the other hand, ineffective partnerships can see businesses weighed down by bureaucracy and lacking support and open communication.

When choosing an enterprise partner it is important to select one that is willing to take the time to understand your type of business, its customers and what it is that you are trying to achieve. Collaboration is absolutely vital for any technology partnership strategy to be effective. Communication will allow you to Travel companies & the Travel technology firm to realize shared goals and strengthen trust between the two parties.

It is important that Travel companies look for a Technology partner that has a comprehensive strategy already in place. This will likely include detailed pricing considerations that reflect different channel categories, discount options and a clear reseller model. The product or service being supplied may also require some tweaking to suit both parties. Is your Technology partner willing to modify its resources to customize to the exact need of your Travel agency? Are they having sound knowledge in Travel Industry & Travel technology? What level of collaboration will take place when it comes to promoting the Solution?

At Pranas we’ve worked hard to transition from a service based company to a reputable Travel technology solution provider that is fully invested in Travel companies’ aims and objectives across the world.

Travel Technology partnerships can prove hugely beneficial for Travel companies, boosting sales, creating new revenue streams and opening your company up to a wealth of shared resources. However, before any business can access these benefits they must ensure that they choose their Technology partner wisely. The right partnership can truly demonstrate the benefits of business collaboration, but the wrong one can leave you stuck with a business that is ill-suited to your needs and ambitions.

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Originally published at on March 6, 2017.