Empowerment And Accountability go hand-in-hand

Empowerment is prerequisite to accountability. Individuals or teams must be empowered long enough before holding them accountable for any failure. Empowerment allows teams to create processes and research tools required to achieve goal. One right tool in arsenal is 1000 times better than any number of expertise. Empowerment relates task at hand with the end goal. Individuals or teams are clear about ownership of the end result. Empowerment helps in preventing who gets credit for success. As everyone in organisation knows to whom this goal belongs. Organisations should sincerely think about empowering right teams and individuals at right time. Empowered teams take ownership as awareness about credit of success is clear. Empowerment->Responsibility->Ownership->Accountability , when this link is established organizations and teams thrive and deliver high performance. At leadership position you need to move people, set the vision show the future with clarity. Track the progress, measure it and find out where Empowerment to accountability link is broken. The moment you start finding broken link, you are on the way to create high performance teams and organizations.