Why the Indians must come

“First, what’s in discussion now is a framework agreement, which is to say that it’s an agreement to make an agreement sometime in the future.”

last time we double crossed the territorial super power, it didn’t turn out quite well for us…we went into a 30 year war :)

“There’s a reason why Sri Lankan professionals are not queuing up to go to Croatia, Romania or Mauritius”

the different reason here, we’re culturally frigging similar…..sinhalese share the cultural dna with north indians and tamils share it with the south….all the reasons to feel home. (reminding you about sharuk kahn ta jayawewa)

“But the wage pressure through the introduction of a new source of IT labour is going to be nothing like the fear-mongers of this deal make it out to be.”

the top talent pool won’t leave india…they’re paid 200 000 INR as fresher salary to work for leading indian corporations…the ones that will end up in lanka are the ones that hold a computer science degree and drive a tuk tuk for living since their academia is in the gutters…. you’ll be inviting those under quality ready for food as pay grads here and SLASSCOM won’t say excretas about this as it’s in their favor ! CEOs love to get work done for lesser pay…. after ten years…the world will realize lanka is a pool of under quality engineers and the whole arena would shift to a different country that has better quality, imo it’s highly likely that VIETNAM would be the spot…given their recent push in Computer Science studies…all the reasons for vietnamese to raise their voice in favor of CEPA

“A couple of years ago we only had 75,000 or so people in the entire IT/BPM sector which included non-IT personnel, accountants and such like in the BPM industry.”


Agree, CMB is no CA ! but it’s not our insecurity speaking…it’s because we know every bit of our work and how the industry runs and we know exactly what it takes to ruin it !
to build a CA out of CMB we are supposed to strengthen our economy not that of our neighbors smile emoticon if i want to buy a computer i will deposit my savings under my account not that of siripala from the first house down the same road.

taking all of these reasons into account, i’m trying to answer your question…why indians must come?
India loves fucking lanka over and over again and knowingly we let them do it to us time and again.