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Designer, Microsoft Teams. Figma Community Advocate.

8 design recommendations for search bar & autosuggest patterns

Over the last couple of weeks, I carried an exhaustive study on about 50+ search bars and analyzed their behavior that helps users achieve their goals. The search bars analyzed were across operating systems, communication apps, e-commerce apps, social media apps, and cloud storage apps on the web, desktop, and mobile. It has been understood that queries entered in search bars are primarily used for navigation, finding information, obtaining answers, and quickly completing tasks.

Structurally, a search box is a text box with placeholder text, an icon, and sometimes a button

Stories of collaboration and learnings from a designer’s point of view

As product people — here at Microsoft, we emphasize building on each other’s work and have a collaborative environment that makes everyone function at ease and ship products with excellent quality. Microsoft is extremely customer-centric, and we have specialized customer solution teams who are always working with our customers, gaining continuous inputs, and providing insights to Product teams. Regular product teams or triads or feature crews consist of program managers (PMs), designers & researchers, and developers.

I’m Pranava, a designer for Microsoft Teams, and I have been in Microsoft…

Plugins helpful in creating and editing graphics within Figma instead of opening Adobe CC

Figma is undoubtedly the best tool there is for UX design and in this article, I outline some of the best plugins UI designers can use to create illustration/graphic design assets within Figma instead of opening Adobe CC. Hoping this article could reduce the number of clicks, speed up your workflow and potentially avoid the hassle of importing assets back on Figma again. And, yes — all these plugins are free.

In the list below, I have mentioned the intent and the solution plugin. Plugins are underlined and have been linked if you want to download them right away. …

A comprehensive list of Figma plugins for an overall design process

An abstract illustration of design process with five shapes placed one next to another.
An abstract illustration of design process with five shapes placed one next to another.

I was an ardent Sketch user a year ago until I had to switch to Figma when I was moving to a different product team within Microsoft. And, in a year’s time I grew so fond of the Figma environment, all the hype was just worth it.

In this article I have tried to list the best ~3 Figma plugins for every step in a typical design process and the reason I believe why these plugins undeniably make Figma the best tool for end-to-end collaboration for *all* stakeholders.


Most of us working on Adobe XD know that there is no option to change the stroke cap. You too probably experienced the urge to change the square stroke cap at the end of a line to a rounded stroke cap and most likely ended up creating a bunch of rounded rectangles instead. This could be one of the reasons why we do not enjoy making icons on XD. I’m sure Adobe plans to change this; perhaps by introducing an option to change stroke caps under the stroke settings in the future. Maybe?

Stroke caps be like. (image source)

Pranava Tandra

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