Mumbai, I am inside you

Okay then. New City. (Literally)


New Life.


It’s scary.

That’s exciting.

I don’t think I could’ve every thought of moving to a city which I thought was too crowded (Old Mumbai, the famous part of Mumbai that is, considered here), the city that I came to just to catch that important train, the train perfectly timed for a person who wakes up at 12 and sleeps at 3 in the night, or to catch a flight to that place which isn’t connected from where it should be, or to a city which has a place named ‘Ville Parle’ ( Heck, that’s where my college is right now) or even ‘Andheri’ (At first when I heard this name the only joke that I could crack was this- “Is it too dark here?”. That’s the best joke a 10 year old can crack.) This city was only for small visits! No relatives here. Visits here were just related to work, shopping, marriages and stuff. It was a nightmare to get here! The only exciting part you get when you go to Mumbai from Pune is the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Oh, that pristine beauty! After that? It’s all dull.

Why am I excited? This city has the diversity that every metropolitan area has it as its prerequisite. The diversity of interests. Diversity of beliefs. Diversity of thinking. And the best part?

It’s all accepted by the people here and they respect it.

I am not saying Pune didn’t have this, but it’s at much larger scale here and nobody can deny that. The city, I think, will bring exciting things and act as a launchpad to my unrealistic dreams. It will bring the bad too, of course, the equation has to be balanced. The bad is something that make you enjoy the good, in the best possible way.

Let’s talk about this blog now.

This blog will cover my interests which include:

1.The Business world

Although with a caveat. It will look at the marketing the companies do and what course of actions the company follows to complement the TVCs. Not the profit/loss/share prices part. Not at all. We are talking about great marketing here.


The very first Ad for Microsoft Edge to replace our friend, Internet Explorer, and all of its imperfections. This product brings in relief to the folks who were met with the splash screen which read “It’s dead, Jim”. Egde will come with Windows 10 and the initial reviews suggest that it’s a great product.

Complements the Ad.

Just an example. The intention is to get in depth with the future posts.

2. Videos and Creative Arts.

What does that mean? All great videos come under this. It could be by an individual, by an organization as a promotional advert. Anything.


Amazing, isn’t it?

Movies, Books, Movie Trailers. This blog will talk about it.

Just a brief introduction. But hopefully, it will be an unconventional blog.

It’s also important to note that this blog will mature with time and for that to happen, feedback is essential. Suggestions. Ideas. Whatever. Great feedback will find an open door.

That’s it then.

Let’s get started.

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