Mumbai so far— Life happens here!


It’s been 6–7 months since I’ve moved to Mumbai a.k.a. ‘The city that never sleeps’. I’ve faced problems that I had never faced before. I have interacted with different types of people. People with different economic backgrounds, people with different ideologies, people with a totally different perspective of life. It’s been a journey in itself interacting with these people. Why? They sometimes tell you that whatever you are, wherever you are, it’s not enough. It’s not something you want to stop at, something you want to go beyond. The others? They belittle you, they try to show you your space, they try to lower your morale, destroy your thought process and try to align it with how the world thinks. These same people have motived me to go beyond their wildest imaginations. Albeit, It has been mentally tiring.

Enjoyed it? Absolutely.

I have thoroughly enjoyed it, yes. Does that mean that life here is easy?

Probably not.

Every day you come across situations which you probably haven’t faced before and mind you these problems are not the problems you’d expect to face and handle. The fact that you are facing it for the first time, you are facing it with no one around you who has faced it before, only makes it that much more of a nightmare you wish never came to you.

What makes me wake up every day and face these issues are is the feeling you get when you’ve completed them with a satisfactory level (And I, most of the times haven’t reached that level). That must be the sign of me growing. At least, I hope it is.

You have to find new ways of going through these problems, finding a way out. And you do find the solution, but turns out, it was never enough. There is always a better way to do things, more efficient, one that make sure the precious time you have isn’t spent on doing something unproductive.

Mumbai raises your level of thinking, your way of working in life, in a professional and personal manner both. That’s enriching.

Mumbai, A Cultural Capital

There’s one thing that is unique to Mumbai, and that unique makes it different from Delhi.

It’s quite literally a point where people from all over the country meet, know each other, and race to accomplish their dreams.

Mumbai has been known for people who do not care for anyone except themselves. I beg to differ. They do care. It’s just that it is disguised. Mumbai people do not love you, they won’t take care of you, they won’t offer you your hand when you’ve fallen. Absolutely not. They shouldn’t either.

They only care for you, they will ensure that you keep walking, they will guide you when you’ve fallen. They know the experience of being down, they know how hard it is to get up, and keep walking. They know it. You just have to observe, and adapt.

There’s place for you in this city only if you are at your best, you know what you are doing, you know what you want to do, and you know how to get where you want to reach. The path to your destination is clear only when you know these things. Mumbai will help you get there no matter what you are, who you are, where you’ve come from. The only thing you should know is what you are to avoid, what people you should avoid. That’s all.

There are alternatives to every step you take. There is no one path. There are multiple paths, you just have to bulldoze your way through the barricades put in front of you.

Whatever you right until now may tell you that I am ready, I have figured how to live here, my life now is easy. It isn’t. I am still clueless, It still feels eerie to go outside and think what I may encounter today.

Talking about feeling eerie, melancholy is an everyday feeling.

This is a city of opportunity

One thought that has been constant throughout the turmoil of a life that has been spent here is this — This city has opportunities. If you want to be something, this city has the resources available to be the person you want to be. Is Tech where you want to be? Mumbai has you covered. Drama? There are theatre groups representing different ideologies in this city. Journalism? You will find a lot of perspectives to cover. Your views, no matter how different, will find an audience here. Music? Heck, Mumbai is the cultural capital, you should already be here if you already aren't. These are just initial views. I hope to write a much more mature view of this city after I spent some more time living it.


If you want know more about me, why write these blogs, why I am writing here, you can go through my previous post.

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Have a good productive day.

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