Explore yourself and nature

Exploring means experiencing the things that you have never come across. These are the things which you haven’t done before. May be you will come to know your spirit to tear up the sky. 
living the moments and yes obvious, it is not mandatory that experience is going to be always good. I thought of writing this blog when I was in my friend’s native place.

// I was there on my vacation. I visited to my friend’s native . It was a time of summer. I was new to all of his relatives so they really took care of mine. On one day me and my friend went on there farmlands. While going I saw peacocks sitting beneath the shadow. It was first time when i was watching them so close and was great scenerio. we had seen their whole place and they told me about their way of adapting life and everyday work. I did swim there in refreshing water which was better than swimming in close boundry tub which we often call "swimming pool". This all seems to be poetic but it is true.//

I would recommend everyone to go through such lifestyle. I’m sure it will energies you towards your next journey to life.
Apart from the city life i did experience the things which refreshed my soul. 
Now I’m again busy in my college work. I really miss that memories.But there is nothing i can do right now. May be something else i have to find.

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