The Foundations..

Human Evolution take a course of knowledge. Seeking which he finds satisfaction of himself in relation to the environment around.

“Environment here refers to the physical and social structure he has around him”

And this wealth of knowledge comes from various sources like Religion and Science. These two are mines to harness evolution. And we humans strive to procure it.

Evolution is a phenomenon of nature. Everything around is in under going in some process. For ex:

From : Watching a cocoon to evolves in butterfly, watching a couple to become parents, Watching a child to become responsible adult, Watching a thriving entrepreneur to become astounding CEO, Watching a community to adapt new process of communication among themselves with like Wikileaks, Bitcoins, Facebook.

To:Watching closing of flowers at the time of sunset, Watching countries making new weapons of mass destruction. Watching deaths of dictators like Hitler, Saddam Hussein. Watching your parents retiring from their job, Watching a son becoming successor of his fathers business.

What evolution we see depends on the eyes of beholder! Some evolution are in our control and some are not. And its not affected by what we ‘feel’ about it. Since our fathers and forefather and their forefathers knew all this, they form a structure of evolution based on human mind and nature and wrote down libraries of it, we call Religion! We sustain this religion in a form of culture we developed as its fruit(of religion). And as we know culture also evolves!

And every religion has given guidance based on balancing you mind and faith. I concluded them to be based on

Motivation - Knowledge - Goal - Performance

Motivation helps you in raising your energy level. It amplify the feelings towards something you want to achieve. This raise in energy level make a momentum in your personality, enabling you to move towards a Goal. A Goal is needed to mark the sign of a progress. A aim or Goal , sets a direction of your journey. It also tell you what will you attact in your upcoming life, challenges you will face and so on. Now to progress towards your goal, you will need three parameters. Knowledge, Performance and Motivation. Knowledge will enable you to gain right thoughts and actions need to achieve that goal. Performance tells you with how much efficiency you are applying those actions in your life. Thus, all these four parameters categorize human life on the basis of success and failure.

Since the above analysis seems to be true by comparing with our life, let see how our religion have laid down their strategy and outcomes. We will be talking about the essence of all religion, we don’t need what specific one religion told, but overall what was their conclusion.

They told us to find a Goal in your life that’s be devotee of God, abide him, respect his rules and work on his rules. That’s the Goal they have sent for us. To work for him. This looks very crude instructions from far, but at the end they make you realize your existense and duty better than a thinking of athesist. You get to know your surroundings better.

When they give you Goal, they also told you about God. Now they didn’t tell you completely who he is apart from that he is the ruler of the universe. And controller of everything. Here you need to gain knowledge about him and how he works, so that you can work for him. In your current life, you would be working for your boss, parents, friends, colleagues, life partners etc. If you ever felt to work for him, you need to know who is he. So here comes the part of Knowledge.

Now comes the motivation, why would you work, what’s the need for work, can’t I be happy without work ? If you acquire the truth about nature and how it works, you will come to know that even the smallest of organism have to move to eat, he has to swallow to digest. Concluding, you can’t stay alive without work, its the needed force to continue life, if you go inert, you will be separated from system, For ex: See those people who’s has fractured and on bed rest of 3–4 months, if after that they want to move , they can’t move normally. As their body was at restfor so long, and if they persist to be like that they will be out(dead) soon ! This example is relative, Moving force can be phyiscal and mental as well, think about Steven Hawkings, he is on rest but he ain’t die, because he didn’t let his thoughts go down, his thoughts were still working making him alive ! This example is deep, it might take time to understand. So when we conclude that we should work on something,then a natural motivation comes to consciousness. Okay what to work now ? God is the one who takes care of you. So you take care of his belongings and work for him ? Well till now we have understood that we need motivation and this motivation will only grew stronger when we acquire more about God, so that this motivation will increase the momentum in us to work for him.

If we sit down and do nothing, we won’t gain motivation. If we gain motivation there still may be a possibility that we won’t act since we don’t have much knowledge. Hence here comes the important performance. If you don’t do hard work, you won’t get the cheese. The more you perform, the better you get at it, more the knowledge you acquire and then you can stabilize your motivation to your Goal.

Sometimes I feel religious guidance wasn’t bad, its the defect in our eyes, which has grown with time. We can’t see now what our religion has intended to show. Since Beauty lies in the Eyes of Beholder.

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