As a child I always wanted to grow up fast, but now I realize that incomplete homework and broken toys were much better than the unfulfilled dreams and the world outside. As we grow so do our responsibilities and along with them tensions.
We always wanted freedom; we used to think it exists.
Does it? Yes it does. It exists in the frank discussion with our teacher in school.
It exists in fight over stupid matters with our friends in school.
It exists in playing pranks with our friends and teachers in school.
It exists in not completing the homework on time and then smiling at the teacher when she scolded in school.
When we are in school, we feel bounded by rules and regulations. We feel once we reach college we will be free as a bird with no uniforms, no one to force us to attend classes etc. But the truth is with no one to guide us and no one to show us the right path we may be misguided easily. The so called freedom is a mirage because responsibility of our action lies on us. I am in a college and I know what freedom is. It is just an illusion.
The school life is full of freedom. The real freedom; the freedom to live in a cocoon of care, concern and commitment of our teachers. The best way to phrase the school life would be ‘A Free Life’.
Sitting alone staring into the horizon I keep thinking who is free? A school kid who is readied by his mother and has his breakfast ready before school or me, who has to wake up, get ready on my own and go to classes sometimes without even having breakfast. A kid who goes to picnic under the supervision of a cruel eye (as he thinks) of his teachers or me who has to plan and manage everything on my own.
 A kid who has his parents and teachers to guide him before he takes a decision or me who has to take decisions on my own with the fear of getting them wrong. As we grow so do our duties and obligations. The very thought of getting ourselves on the wrong path haunts us and ruins everything. But while we are in school the smallest doubt about ourselves and the slightest hesitation in taking any decision can be undone with the help of our teachers.
Consider your life as a state which is under your governance. While in school you have your teachers and your parents surrounding you and helping you through every ups and down in governing your state. But when in college it is you and you only who has to take every decision without possibly any able guidance and with the fear of ruining your state. One bad decision and everything might be over and it is inevitable. 
So now tell me who is freer? A child surrounded with caring and concerned people, his parents and teachers or a college student out there alone in the cunning and fast changing world with his only experience of school life. 
Believe me, a child in house with his parents, in the class under the guidance of his teachers, in the playground with his friends is the freest being.