So, about our name…
Paul McDonald

I don’t understand the backlash. I might be culturally ignorant on this. I’m an immigrant living in NYC. I did hear the term bodegas, but not sure if the corner store next to my apartment which sells a $5 avocado can be called one. I’m indirectly paying for that shop’s rent, a person’s wage which I don’t really want to, from a consumer’s perspective. I pretty much use Prime Now for everything now, but if I can pick up something faster why not? If the box (or bodega) learns my behavior and gets better (more useful) products, why not? Are we saying the product is crap because the founders didn’t sugarcoat and were open about replacing corner stores? Every time your life gets more convenient some middleman is losing his job. We’re gonna see this at a faster pace with advancements in AI and Machine Learning. May be it’s time to stop being this sensitive and find alternatives?

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